Location:  New York, New York

The Challenge

The Oculus transit hub at the footsteps of the Freedom Tower is the latest ‘must see’ New York City landmark. Tens of thousands of visitors and commuters pass through Oculus on a daily basis creating the need to protect the thousands of linear feet of glass rail from premature damage.

The clear film from 3M was installed on the interior glass throughout the Oculus structure. All entry doors and passageways received film on both sides of the glass ensuring that the primary surface remains damage free for years to come.

The Solution

WFD recommended and installed 3M’s AG 6 mil clear surface protection film design for high traffic glass.

Duration: Three weeks

The Result

Designed as a semi-permanent solution for scratched glass mitigation, this film guarantees the MTA will be able to maintain the glass at Oculus to the highest standards without having to go through expensive glass replacement costs.

Premier Business Centers

High energy costs due to excessive heat gain plagued this Southern California office building. Access to the interior windows proved impossible requiring an exterior installation to solve the solar heat gain issue.

The installation required boom lifts to access the building glass. Once filmed, the film edges received a bead of silicone caulking to ensure a longer lifespan for the retrofi

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