Window Film Depot & 3M Security Window Film Attachment Systems guard against shattered glass

Window Film Depot & 3M Security Window Film Attachment Systems guard against shattered glass

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Today’s distinctive windows and glass are mainly configured to insulate against heat deprivation, exuberant solar energy, air percolation and curb impairment from ultraviolet illumination.

Safety and security films provide an all-embracing array of solar and aesthetic solutions for any commercial setting. 3M Security window film can be applied to many types of insulating glass with or without heat-blocking solar control capabilities.

Security window film’s primary function is to hold glass intact if broken, preventing fragments from becoming deadly missiles. Since security window film adhesives do not rupture, treated glass absorbs substantial levels of force or attempted glass breakage.

When windows are untreated and subjected to force, glass often breaks off into fragments that are expelled jeopardizing facility residents. If your facility bears unprotected panes of glass at or near base level, glass observance rooms, glass thresholds, or other glass inductions, both occupants and faculties are at peril of glass-related injuries. Watch a demo

Window Film Depot is certified to install 3M Safety & Security glass protection systems nationwide. Create a comfortable environment while lowering operating costs. Add Scotchshield to create an invisible barrier of protection.

We specialize in high risk storefront, commercial & government facilities. 3M Ultra Safety & Security films are patented multi-layer films tested to meet the most demanding government specifications.

Family owned, Window Film Depot provides national installation services of 3M window films. We are the only dealer with true national coverage having satellite offices close to our customers in major markets across the US.

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