Understand the difference between ‘shatterproof window film’ and ‘security window films’.

Understand the difference between ‘shatterproof window film’ and ‘security window films’.

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When talking about ‘Safety & security window film or Glass Impact Attachment Systems’, many people refer to them as ‘Shatterproof Window Film’.

Other names commonly used for 3M security window films include: fragment retention film; anti-terrorism film; blast-resistant film; safety film; security film; safety and security film; mylar film, blast curtain film; glass protection film, and shatter-resistant film.

In actuality, there are certain types of 3M Safety and Security films which keep shattered glass in place (similar to a car windshield), strongly deterring entry preventing theft. Normally upon impact the alarm is triggered also further minimizing chances of asset loss.

Learn more about 3M Impact Protection Adhesive (IPA) caulking systems. Watch a video here.

3M fragment retention security films secure glass during blast, seismic, shatter or ‘smash and grab’ events. Window film helps hold the glass in place so criminals don’t have the quick access they need to successfully smash and grab merchandise.

Get secure with nearly unbreakable clear or tinted 3M Ultra films.

Window Film Depot  is certified to install 3M Safety & Security glass protection systems nationwide. Specializing in high risk storefront, commercial facilities, we have performed numerous  installations for DHS, DOD, USACE and other government agencies.

Watch a 3M explosive blast test demo here…see how treated glass remains intact vs untreated.

Did you know Safety Film can be applied to your existing glass installation?

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