Save Energy with Sun Control Films

Save Energy with Sun Control Films

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Sun Control Films provide substantial heat rejection, creating energy savings for office buildings, retail stores, commercial and residential properties. Additional benefits include increased privacy, improved exterior appearance and reduction of harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading to interior furnishings.

Newark Airport Delta
P-18 offers great heat rejection, providing energy savings and improved comfort.

The best film choice depends on your goal and building structure. For this project at the Newark airport in NJ, Window Film Depot installed the 3M P-18, a classic silver reflective film with excellent solar protection.

The 3M Prestige Series will let in the light but not the heat, creating superior comfort and clarity.  The clear heat control films are designed for minimal aesthetic change to windows while providing maximum solar control performance.

This current Window Film Depot project with 3M Prestige film blocks 50% of the solar energy without altering the look of the building.

Prudential, NJ

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