DefenseLite, Revolutionary Security Solution

DefenseLite, Revolutionary Security Solution

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What is DefenseLite that is the hot topic among the glazing security community? If you haven’t heard, and even if you have, please read on and learn more and why you can’t afford not to know what DefenseLite is and what Window Film Depot can do for you.

DefenseLite is composed of clear polycarbonate panels that custom fit and bond to existing glazing systems to protect glass and unwanted entry. This product is designed to prevent “smash & grab” entry by making it 250 times stronger than glass alone. I feel safer already! This is not too good to be true and see for yourself with this demonstration video. As you see, repeated forced entry attempts fail, preventing unwanted entry and keeping the bad guys out!

Defense Lite - Men's Store
Defense Lite - Sandy Hook School
Sandy Hook school entrance is protected even though it is not obvious with completed DefenseLite installation.

Added benefits of DefenseLite include insulation and 99.9% UV protection, resulting in significant energy savings. This insulation also reduces street noise, improving the interior atmosphere to your schools, offices, retail, and residential locations.

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