DefenseLite – Bulletshield – Window Protection and Security

DefenseLite – Bulletshield – Window Protection and Security

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DefenseLite – Bulletshield

DefenseLite – Bulletshield

  • bullet resistant barriers
  • ballistic protection

The Window Film Depot team recently demonstrated to a group of Tri-State security professionals the benefits of choosing DefenseLite and BulletShield to protect their buildings from unwanted entry.index.php

The following video link demonstrates ballistic testing with 9mm, 357 Magnum and 44 Magnum:

DefenseLite is an advanced glazing security product designed to deny entry into your business, school, office and more with a patented and virtually invisible, polycarbonate solution.

In addition to keeping the bad guys out, BulletShield is designed to keep bullets out as well. BulletShield is a UL rated retrofit ballistic shield and designed to protect from natural and man-made disasters, including blast and bomb projectiles, blunt force objects (baseball bats, hammers, bricks), hand guns and other forced entry attempts.

BulletShield is manufactured in a Level 1 & 2 system. Level 1 bonds our 3/4″ ballistic shield to the outside of the existing glass using our DefenseLite SuperBond and an HD framing system. This will stop hand-gun rounds as well as forced-entry attempts. Our Level 2 system adds a second 3/4″ ballistic shield to the inside of the existing glass using the same technique. This version provides 1.5 inches of ballistic protection, which in testing contains rounds typically delivered by high-powered rifles, and it keeps the evil-doers out. BulletShield is the world’s least expensive of all tested ballistic security systems.

A common question we encounter, is BulletShield bullet proof? We prefer the term Bullet Resistant. BulletShield is a window and security film alternative turning your windows and glass into ballistic glass shields and providing top notch building security.

DefenseLite/BulletShield designed for protection against:

DefenseLite BulletShield Bullet-Resistant Window Film, Advanced Retrofit Glazing

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