Go Beyond Plexiglass Barriers with New Protective Shields from DefenseLite

Go Beyond Plexiglass Barriers with New Protective Shields from DefenseLite

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Personal Protective Shields Barrier PartitionsIn response to the coronavirus outbreak, see-through plexiglass barriers, countertop dividers, office partitions, and other COVID safety shields have become high-demand products to help prevent the spread and transmission of germs and viruses. Businesses, institutions, and facilities that are committed to flattening the curve have adopted these protective barriers to make physical interactions safer. 

With the increased demand for COVID safety products, many manufacturers are now offering custom plexiglass barriers and protective shield partitions for countertops, order windows, cash registers, and desks. But are all protective barriers created equal? 

In a rush to re-open amidst COVID-19, plexiglass barriers and other transparent shields have become essential integrations to keep patrons and employees safe. However, a new product line from DefenseLite has leveled-up the new normal for such protective barrier technologies. 

Introducing DefenseLite’s Architectural Series of Personal Protective Shields, a protective shield barrier that’s engineered for interior environments requiring protection from the spread of germs and disease.

DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields vs. Plexiglass Barriers

As the world makes an effort to return to some sense of normalcy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, plexiglass barriers have become a vital layer of protection between patrons and customers. Countless grocery stores, pharmacies, and retailers have already installed transparent panels at checkout registers. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Plexiglass is popping up for other applications as well, including offices, schools, restaurants, restrooms, and other spaces that encourage social distancing.

While plexiglass has become a popular option, DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields offer a more advanced solution. Unlike plexiglass barriers, Personal Protective Shields are SMART, COVID safe barriers that are uniquely functional by incorporating cloaking, projection, and switchable technology options. These features turn mundane glass shields into dynamic, purposeful partitions that offer a number of capabilities. 

By combining our expertise in thin-film technology with proprietary lamination processes, DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields not only reduce the spread of germs and disease, but they also improve the performance and aesthetics of personal space by: 

  • Providing instant privacy with the flick of a switch when integrated with liquid crystal smart glass film.
  • Transforming instantly into a projectable surface with transparent display screen film.
  • Cloaking computer screens from prying eyes with products like cloaking film technology.
  • Providing more advanced protection against ballistic attacks and harmful threats with BulletShield™, a ballistic version of DefenseLite.

These are just a few examples of how DefenseLite Personal Protective Shields offer more advanced capabilities compared to plexiglass barriers. 

Protective Barriers for COVID-19 Safety and Beyond

DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields are available in either specialty glass or abrasion resistant polycarbonate versions and can be customized to meet any configuration. All types of businesses can add branding to new protection shields or leverage custom shapes, surface colors, and glass-film designs. Personal Protective Shields are available in any size or color. And like all DefenseLite products, trim packages are composed of a strong metal base and engineered anchoring system that’s “designer grade,” helping to enhance the look of any space. 

In today’s world, fixtures may require different specifications moving forward, but not at the expense of quality interior design. Continue to specify and build with intent and purpose. Include the functionality that only DefenseLite’s Architectural Series Personal Protective series brings to our new reality. Interested in learning more? Contact us for more information or call (866) 933-3456 and request a free estimate.