Best Heat Reflective Window Film to Block UVs and Regulate Temperature

Best Heat Reflective Window Film to Block UVs and Regulate Temperature

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Best Heat Reflective Window Film to Block UVs

Whether you need UV reflective window films for commercial or residential use, these window films provide a number of benefits. They are an excellent way to protect furniture and merchandise from fading as well as save you money on your energy bills by helping to regulate internal temperature.

When searching for the right sun reflective window film for your building, there are a few factors you should consider, like exterior appearance, affordability, and installation techniques.

Why You Need Window Film – Energy Efficiency

When it comes to windows, there are two qualities that define energy efficiency: solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and thermal transmittance (U-factor). SHGC is a measure of how much of the sun’s heat is transmitted into a building through the windows while U-factor is a measure of how well the window insulates. For both measures, the lower the number, the better the window will be for energy efficiency in hot summer months. 

If your building doesn’t already have energy-efficient windows, heat rejection window films will help manage SHGC and U-factor to make the building more energy-efficient and provide greater indoor comfort. In this way, these window films will greatly affect your bottom line by reducing air conditioning usage when temperatures outside heat up. 

Why You Need Window Film – UV Blocking

An additional benefit of solar window films is their ability to block dangerous UV rays. Exposure to UV radiation from the sun can cause premature aging of the skin and damage to the DNA in skin cells which can lead to skin cancer. UV exposure can also break down the chemicals in furniture and fabric dyes, causing discoloration and fading.

The right type of reflective UV blocking window film can reject up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays which keep building occupants protected and helps to reduce distracting glare that may cause eye discomfort. This also means that furnishings and merchandise will be more resistant to fading, providing greater longevity to your investments.

What to Consider When Choosing Heat Reflective Window Film

Level of Protection

Sun reflective window films come in a variety of tint levels that provide varying degrees of protection from UV rays. Generally, if you want more protection from UV rays, the tint will be darker and more reflective, but there are also window films that provide very high UV defense while allowing plenty of light inside, like 3M’s Sun Control Prestige Exterior Series.

Exterior and Interior Appearance

Of course, aesthetics also play a role when choosing a window film. Solar reflective window films can be made from an array of materials that provide different effects for both the interior and exterior of a building. 

Some sun control films have darker tints while others are intended to provide the most visibility and highest transmission of visible light for those inside. As far as the exterior goes, some films have increased reflective capabilities to provide additional security and a variety of tones from silver to neutral that can be tailored to your aesthetic.

Installation Technique

Some heat reflective window films come with materials to install them yourself, while others are installed by professionals. There is generally less room for error when trained professionals are the ones installing the window films, so this is the recommended technique. Air bubbles and peeling films become an issue when these window films are applied by those without experience.

The Best Heat Reflective Window Film

If you’re searching for the best window films on the market, 3M’s UV protection films are affordable, non-metalized, multilayer optical films that reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light and up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. 

What sets 3M’s films apart is the precision with which light waves are controlled as they pass through or reflect off of hundreds of layers of film. Compared to other films, 3M Window Films increase performance at a faster rate as the sun’s angle increases. That means greater protection and comfort when you need it the most.

These films are designed from the highest quality materials to be the best solution for your interiors. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, choosing 3M Sun Control Window Films gives you peace of mind, increasing your level of comfort while minimizing your utility bills and protecting your furnishings.

Professional Installation

Since 1992, Window Film Depot has built a reputation as the #1 3M Window Film installer in the nation. We help a number of customers, ranging from governmental offices to healthcare facilities, purchase and install UV protection window film. 

In addition to sun blocking window film to protect against UV rays, our company is able to combine additional window treatments to help improve the security, comfort, aesthetics, and overall efficiency of your indoor environment. We will help you realize the energy-saving benefits of UV protection film by pairing these features with safety and security window treatments as well as decorative glass films to achieve your desired aesthetic and benefits.

To get the highest quality window films, installed by America’s installation pros, contact Window Film Depot for more information or call (866) 933-3456 to learn more.