3M Sun Control Window Film – Advantages

3M Sun Control Window Film – Advantages

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Last week we discussed the benefits of window films in general and how they go a long way to protect occupants of a building both from natural disasters and from man-made violence. Today we are going to look at the qualities of 3M Sun Control window film and the benefits which installation of this window film bring to a building.

Reduced Solar Heat Gain

First on the list is a greatly reduced solar heat gain. The significance of this is obviously in the greater comfort occupants of the building enjoy. But beyond that, is the reduced cost of air conditioning.

One other advantage of the reduced solar heat gain is a reduction in the wear and tear and subsequently, maintenance of HVAC equipment.

3M sun control window film will go a long way towards the increment of fade resistance of furniture, drapery, fabrics and any other surface that is vulnerable to fade from exposure to the harsh glare of the sun as window film is used in glare reduction.

The tinted variety of window film affords the occupants of the building daytime privacy and actually enhances the appearance of the building by adding an attractive accent to the windows.

Low Energy Demand

3M sun control window film reduces the effect of the glare of direct sunlight on the building thereby resulting in a lower need for air conditioning. This in turn lowers the energy demands from utilities because of the reduced energy costs.

The direct and long term result of using window film is a decrease in environmental emissions which eventually reduces the environmental footprint of the building.

Window Film Depot

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