14% Growth in LEED Buildings in 2010

14% Growth in LEED Buildings in 2010

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2010 saw a really bad year in the real estate market with the global financial crisis. Property prices slumped like they hadn’t in a very long time and all around the country, investors were finding it increasingly hard to rent or sell their property.

In the green building market however, the story was slightly different. Although the green building market was not totally immune to the recession, it was not as bad as the overall real estate market. In a report released yesterday November 17, by Rob Watson of GreenBiz.com, the third annual Green Building Market & Impact Report, it was revealed that “despite precipitous declines in the rate of growth, the total amount of LEED-certified buildings grew by one billion square feet in 2010, up to eight billion, or a growth rate of 14 percent.”
The report also found that on the whole, LEED buildings were a huge force in the reduction of the environmental footprint of individual structures.

Choosing to build with materials that are green and employing green standards when building, will help to reduce the overall environmental footprints. They help in the conservation of water and energy and attract a higher rent rate. What is more, you may be eligible for tax deductions in the process.

Using 3M Window Film will add to your LEED credit and the 3M Sun Control Window Film is a qualifying product which can make you eligible for a tax deduction.