3M™ Ultra-Clear Solar Film for Architectural Laminated Glass

  • Performance – Multilayer Optical Film technology reflects infrared heat with minimal reduction of visible light and neutral color. Additionally the film has low visible reflectivity and low absorption.
  • Applications – Great for applications where high visible light transmission, clarity and neutral appearance is desired but heat is not such as retail stores, stadiums, entry doors, glass railings, and other applications.
  • Flexible – Film can be printed, cut, bent, or combined with different glass types of interlayer adhesives.
  • Compatible with EVA, PVB, or SentryGlass® Interlayers.
  • No Signal Interference – Incorporates non-metallic, corrosion-free technologies that do not interfere with radio frequencies or wireless communications
  • Easily Processed – No cutback or edge deletion required.

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This solar control laminated glass film is neutral in color with minimal reduction of visible light. It maintains the visible light transmission and natural color of laminated glass while reducing infrared heat. Ideal for applications where clarity and vision through the glass are desired but solar heat is not.

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