MC’s Restaurant

Location: Ogunquit, Maine

The Challenge

Sun glare streaming into the main dining room was creating an uncomfortable environment for guests. Ownership refused to cover the view of the Perkins Cove with window blinds.

WFD installers worked between shifts to remove the dining room furniture, clean the windows and complete the filming of the dining room prior to the dinner rush.


The Solution

WFD installed 3M’s Prestige Series multi-layer optical film technology (MOF) designed for maximum sun control while maintaining an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Duration: One day

The Result

3M Prestige Series created exactly the right balance between sun glare control and clear viewing through the panoramic glass. The anti-reflective qualities inherent in 3M Prestige Series ensures that the windows look great both day and night.

RL Club Monaco

Solar UV exposure damaging inventory prematurely in storefront displays causing irreparable damage to expensive merchandise.

Oversized storefront windows created an installation challenge that required a ‘micro’ seam of 3M film product. Seam needed to be “invisible” from the street and not impair the vision through the storefront glass.

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