RL Club Monaco

Location: NY, NY

The Challenge

Solar UV exposure damaging inventory prematurely in storefront displays causing irreparable damage to expensive merchandise.

Oversized storefront windows created an installation challenge that required a ‘micro’ seam of 3M film product. Seam needed to be “invisible” from the street and not impair the vision through the storefront glass.

The Solution

3M UV radiation blocking film with 99.9% UVA and UVB stoppage provides for ‘museum level’ fade control for storefront glass.

Duration: One day

The Result

3M UV window film provided for unmatched fade control for store merchandise allowing goods to be showcased up to three times longer than before the pre-treated windows.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

DSG needed to transform its storefronts overnight to launch its latest Nike marketing campaign.

Mobilize three separate graphics installation crews to jobsites and install over 7,400 sf of custom printed film before sunrise working off of 80’ boom lifts.

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