Allstate Corporate Headquarters

Location: Northbrook, IL

The Challenge

Exterior building glazing exposed server rooms to outside prying eyes. Redesigned interior ‘open office’ layout created a ‘fishbowl effect’ that was distracting for workers.

The Solution

WFD installed multiple FASARA frosted opaque samples for management review. Each 3M glass film let in a varying amount of visible light allowing for proper daylighting into the space in line with the wellness intent of the environmental design team.

WFD installers worked alongside the general contractor to film each floor during the renovation of the building

Duration:  Three months

The Result

Worker’s report that the ‘open’ office space maintained its allure yet the frosted privacy film provided just enough vision control encouraging focused work. Server rooms now protected from exterior viewing while natural light fills the space entirely.


Evolved security threats created a new problem for the executive offices designed with floor to ceiling glass.

Each BulletShield polycarbonate panel was over 200 pounds and required precise installation fit into the existing glazing frames.

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