Location: New York City

The Challenge

Evolved security threats created a new problem for the executive offices designed with floor to ceiling glass.

Each BulletShield polycarbonate panel was over 200 pounds and required precise installation fit into the existing glazing frames.

The Solution

WFD recommended Level 3 BulletShield retrofit panels in order to reinforce the existing glass with a thick and clear layer of ballistic protection.

Duration: Two weeks

The Result

A custom made BulletShield solution was installed successfully on the existing curtainwall glass and provides the protection requested while blending seamlessly into the building aesthetic.

Middle School

Active shooter threats have created a new problem requiring technologies that help “keep the bad guy outside” without making  the school look like a fortified prison.

Custom made DefenseLite panels are architectural grade polycarbonate ‘clear shields’ that  install onto or over your existing window and door frames creating a ‘forcefield’ of protection.

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