While completing a recent install…A child asked “What is Window Film made of?”

While completing a recent install…A child asked “What is Window Film made of?”

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Window film generally combines some form of plastic with an adhesive to create a covering for windows. It is available for commercial or residential use, and there are also options made especially for automotive use. Window Film Depot offers not only different looks and styles, but also different functions with the most common to limit sunlight. Other styles offer a reflective coating, which helps to protect against UV rays, prevent fading of interior furnishings, and keep cooling costs down by limiting heat.

When you choose a film by Window Film Depot, you are choosing a stylish alternative to common window treatments adding elegant style that will not only improve the look of your windows, but help retain your privacy. Choose decorative film that mimics frosted glass, glass block, or stained glass, as well as many other beautiful options. Another excellent film service Window Film Depotprovides is protection against graffiti and vandalism. These films keep windows from being scratched, painted, marked, and make them more difficult to break. This helps save homeowners and business owners a great deal of money and time of the inconvenience from replacement windows.

Window Film Depot prides itself in its ability to provide safety for homes and businesses. Some film types are specially designed to bond with the glass in windows and keep them from breaking in extreme conditions, including storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. If the windows do break, they won’t shatter into sharp glass shards that fly about potentially severely harming people. Once installed, this creates an environment of great safety in your home or office and also for family members and employees.

Before the next storm warning occurs; make sure you have window film professionally installed by Window Film Depot no matter your location nationwide or abroad…or you can even do it yourself. Take a look at some of the features of our website…fill out a free estimate request, check out our pre-viewer and see which film is right for your windows, call us today at 1-866-933-3456 or email us: info@windowfilmdepot.com if you have any questions.