Understanding 3M Safety & Security Window Films Warranty III

Understanding 3M Safety & Security Window Films Warranty III

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This is the last and final installation of a three part series we began a couple of days ago in order to give a proper explanation of the warranties provided under the 3M Safety and Security Window Films. We decided to break it into three parts for easy digestion. If you have any questions or enquiries, use the comment’s form below this post.

If you use 3M Safety and Security Window Films for your building and discover that there is a thermal shock fracture, 3M or its authorized dealer warrants against that to a maximum value of $500 per window. This will only apply if the thermal shock fracture was as a direct result of the application of 3M Safety & Security Film IF the film was applied to the recommended types of glass and the glass failure is reported to the Seller within the specified time, which is 60 days.

Once this thermal shock fracture is reported to the authorized seller within the specified time, the failure would be reviewed by the Seller before any repairs take place and will only cover film and glass replacement.

To obtain a warranty for defective film or glass failure, your 3M Authorized Security Window Film Dealer like Window Film Depot. With 3M Safety & Security Window Films, you really are covered and protected. If you are not sure what windows are recommended, contact Jeff@windowfilmdepot.com for more information.