Energy Savings & Window Film Insulation Have Lots in Common…

Energy Savings & Window Film Insulation Have Lots in Common…

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It goes without saying business & homeowners need to consider energy-saving steps to lower their bills and with that in mind, did you know windows are one of the great energy wasters of any house or commercial property?  Between 18%-25% of the total heat loss is from traditional double glazed sealed windows.

New technology, however, has resulted in more efficient energy saving windows that can significantly cut down on heat loss.

Heat loss is not the only concern with windows – they can also let in heat during summer weather, thus increasing the cost of running an air conditioner.

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Modern windows use special materials to treat the window glass. Low emission coatings are applied to the inside surface which reduce heat loss through the glass. The windows are constructed of two layers of glass with an inert gas in between them. This gas – usually argon – reduces heat loss even more.


To prevent the sun from over-heating the sun during the summer, glass can be treated with window film that reduces interior temperatures.


There are many components to energy saving windows that can help cut down on your heating and cooling costs. Please visit Window Film Depot’s Green Energy Savings section to find more about rebates and tips.



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