Do-It-Yourself Window Film & Installation

Do-It-Yourself Window Film & Installation

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The windows in your house let in light and air, but they can also let in ultraviolet rays and unwanted intruders. One good way to protect your home from the latter without compromising on the former is by installing window film.

Window Film Depot offers window films made from a protective coating made of polyester and metal alloys held together with adhesive to make a film. Less expensive than double- or triple-pane windows and easy to install, window films increases the durability of your windows and makes them more shatter-resistant, so they can stand up to break-in attempts, gale-force winds—even explosions! Not only have that, but window film blocks out almost 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays protecting both you and your furniture from long-term sunned damage. It also reduces solar gain in the summer and insulates in the winter, which can significantly lower your cooling and heating bills. Window film is available in various strengths and shade’s, so assess your home needs and decide which kind of film works for you.


Once you’ve chosen a window film that suits your needs, you can begin installation. Here are a few things you’ll need:

  • A spray bottle full of mounting solution (you can make a mounting solution by adding one bottle of film aid concentrate or ¼ tsp. conditioner-free no-tears baby shampoo to 1 qt. of bottled water—not hard tap water, since it can leave spots on the film);
  • A squeegee;
  • A break-away utility knife and replacement blades;
  • A lint-free cloth;
  • A ruler or tape measure;
  • Razor blades for cleaning the glass;
  • A partner, for larger windows;
  • A clear, dust-free work area.

Visit the WFD “Do-it-Yourself” website section for more information on achieving the best results while installing window film yourself.

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