Considering Window Film for Your Home? Questions to Ask?

Considering Window Film for Your Home? Questions to Ask?

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When considering window film for your home, it’s critical to have these questions answered before committing to any window film product or installation company. For starters, there are a number of quality window film products on the market. Be confident that you would be happy with a number of film products installed correctly by a skillful installer.

10 important questions homeowners should  when considering window film

….and WFD answers

3M & WFD Installation, Toro, Cape Cod, Massachusettes Jan 2013

  1. Do the products you offer come with a manufacturer’s warranty?
    Yes. All residential films we offer come with a written lifetime film warranty and insurance policy for your glass. Some customers are more confident with a lifetime warranty from a trusted manufacturer like 3M. We agree.
  2. What are the important differences between film products?
    Components matter. The construction of the film determines its look, durability and performance. Inexpensive films with cheaper components (dyed or low quality polyester) can end up costing you greatly in the long run if the film needs to be replaced prematurely.
  3. Do you offer quality film choices at different price points?
    Yes, often times the “Cadillac” option is not the best film option for your need or your budget. WFD provides quality good better best options. Prices can range from 6-10$ per square foot depending on the project goals of the installation.
  4. Will you install samples on my windows if requested?
    Yes. Window films often appear lighter once installed on glass. It’s a good idea to have film choices sampled at your home so that there are no surprises upon final installation.
  5. Who will be coming to my house to install the film?
    The installer in your home is the most important piece of the project. WFD employs professional  installers who are well trained, respectful and have a stake in every installation performed.
  6. What is the installation process and do I need to prepare in any way before the appointment?
    The installation will require the installer to clean the windows prior to applying the film, cut the film to size, and apply the film to the glass. The edges are trimmed and water bubbles squeegeed out. Your job is to remove any valuables and furniture away from the windows to allow for ease of access.
  7. What complaints, if any, do past customers have?
    Fortunately, WFD educates the homeowner so that most installations are flawless. However, homeowners ultimately choose the film and can choose a film that is lighter than our recommended solution.  Our recommendation: When in doubt, choose the slightly darker film.
  8. How do I care for the film once installed?
    It’s easy. Wash your windows as you normally would, but make sure to wait 30 days from date of installation to allow for the film to fully dry, or cure.  Also, do not use razor blades on the film surface.
  9. What’s the worst thing that can happen with my installed film?
    Glass breakage. It’s rare, but heat build up on double pane windows can cause a window to ‘fail’, or break. If you don’t have a warranty with the film installation company that insures you against glass breakage, you’ll have an expensive problem on your hands. All WFD installations automatically include this important insurance.
  10. Who do I call if there there is a problem?
    WFD has a dedicated customer service agent, Tracey Coleman, who makes sure your issue is resolved in a professional, timely manner. I stand behind every installation of our film and am responsible for your ultimate satisfaction.

WFD Service Team

From my point of view, the experience of the installer is the most important aspect of a successful window film project. Properly installed, you should enjoy 10-15 years worth of sun control and safety benefits from your window film installation.

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