Best Window Protection for Active Shooter Prevention in Schools

Best Window Protection for Active Shooter Prevention in Schools

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Active Shooter Prevention in SchoolsWith cases of gun violence on school campuses on the rise, active shooter prevention should be at the forefront of any security professionals’ mind.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, “active shooter situations are usually over within 10 to fifteen minutes.” By that time, law enforcement officials typically arrive on the scene and are able to subdue the threat. This means that active shooter response should focus on slowing the shooter down by making it more difficult to enter the building. 

The primary points of weakness in most schools are the doors and windows on the building’s street level. Our focus will be on reinforcing those areas to deter entry, allowing those inside to get to a safer area, and stopping the shooter from accessing students and staff.

While security measures like locking doors during school hours are necessary to overall safety, they neglect the fact that these aggressors are armed and usually able to gain entry by damaging glass windows and doors. For example, in the Sandy Hook school shooting, the shooter gained entry by shooting out nearby windows after finding the doors locked. Reinforcing glazing near lobbies and other points of entry is a highly effective way to mitigate active shooters

There are two main ways to reinforce existing glazing:

Window Films

Security window films can offer active shooter protection for schools by reinforcing the existing glazing and making windows harder to breach. These multilayer films are tear-resistant and can prevent the glass from shattering, slowing the intruder and allowing more time for law enforcement to arrive on the scene.

“Test data collected in projects supporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. General Services Administration have clearly demonstrated that some applications of properly installed security window films and thin laminated glass systems can provide resistance to forced entry even though they were not specifically designed for that purpose.”Applied Research Associates, Inc.

In addition to slowing dangerous criminals, these security films also protect occupants from flying glass shards, a common cause of injuries related to bomb blasts and natural disasters. 

Polycarbonate Security Shields

The best defense against active shooters in schools is bullet-resistant polycarbonate security shields, like BulletShield. Unlike most security window film treatments, BulletShield is a bullet-resistant glazing system that is specially engineered to protect building occupants from ballistic threats. It is typically installed over the existing glass, providing a retrofit solution custom-designed to protect against forced entry. In addition, Bulletshield can be installed on the interior of buildings to create “safe zone”.

BulletShield has been used by thousands of customers throughout the U.S., providing a transparent design that delivers unbeatable performance under attack. It is independently tested to provide UL 752 ballistic ratings, preventing breach against 9MM, .44 Magnum, and AR-15 bullets, to name just a few. In active shooter situations, BulletShield flexes in response to ballistic attack, keeping bullets from entering the building and stopping the shooter from being able to gain entry.

Prevent Active Shooter Situations at your School

If you’re interested in enhancing the safety of your school, following this active shooter protocol for schools can prevent attacks and keep students and staff safe. At Window Film Depot, our top priority is making schools safer, so we offer discounted programs offered specifically for schools and campuses. 

In addition to making bullet-resistant glass treatments more available to schools and educational facilities, there is also a program designed specifically for NSSF members and protecting stores from unwanted entry and inventory theft. If you’re ready to install BulletShield or have more questions about enhancing the safety of your school, contact Window Film Depot online or call 1-866-933-3456.