Transitional & Photochromic

Transitional & Photochromic Window Film

Photochromic technology has become increasingly popular for a number of applications, ranging from window films, automobile tints, and optical lenses. Also known as transitional film, photochromic film has unique properties that are most distinguished by their appearance. During the daylight or when exposed to sunlight, photochromic window film renders a darker shade that offers the same ultraviolet (UV) protection as most sun blocking films. However at night, photochromic film transitions to a clear, transparent appearance, as if the film is not even there.

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Benefits of Transitional & Photochromic Films

Photochromic window film provides an ideal choice for certain types of commercial spaces, such as retail storefronts and corporate office buildings. These films come in a number of options, but all offer the same characteristics that customers desire. That is, they darken on exposure to specific types of light with adequate intensity, most commonly UV radiation. Alternatively, in the absence of sufficient activating light, the lenses return to their clear state. Most importantly, these window films help minimize distracting glare while blocking UV rays. It’s these transitional properties and sun blocking benefits that make photochromic window film highly sought after for a wide range of applications.

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Transitional & Photochromic Film Products

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