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3M Prestige films,  Sun & Solar Control films, Anti-Graffiti and Surface Protection films, 3M Night Vision films, 3M Security films



Q. How much does the film cost?
A. Depending on film type and size of job, 3M films will cost $4-15 per square foot installed. Typical ROI is 3-4 years in energy savings alone.

Q. How long will the film last?
A. Expect 20-30 years of uncompromising protection and performance from 3M Window Films.

Q. Does WFD provide national installation services?
A. Yes. Our unique service model is designed to deliver quality installations of window films nationwide for retailers, general contractors and facility professionals who value professional turnaround at competitive pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why 3M Window Films?
A. 3M invented window films and is the world leader in the core window film technologies: thin film coating, adhesives, nanotechnology, multi-layer optical films and abrasion resistance.

Q. Why Window Film Depot?
A. WFD has the character, experience, knowledge base & capabilities required for professional national installation services. 

Q. Is there a Warranty?
A. provides a lifetime warranty for residential applications and a 10-15 year commercial warranty that covers the film, the window, and the installation labor.

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Window film is an important element for lowering energy costs  with safety, designer frosted and architectural  films
Window Film Depot can rapidly deploy installation teams to as few as 10 and as many as 5000 store locations on time, within budget.
Fragment Retention Window Films   Security Film for Government, Federal, City and State Buildings
Window film is an important element for lowering energy costs with safety, designer frosted and architectural  films
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