USACE Recruiting Centers

Location: All US, Guam and VI

The Challenge

USACE recruiting stations throughout the US required a new level of glass protection following 9-11 as mandated by the Department of Defense.

Required security clearances for installers  and multiple site points of contact created a challenge for project managers tasked with delivering across all 50 US states, Guam  and The VI.

The Solution

3M Ultra 600 Security Film with anchoring caulk installed on over 1,000 recruiting stations since 2006.

Duration: Ongoing

The Result

3M Security window film installed on over 10,000 window panes has created  a safer environment for recruiters.

CNN Center

A global US brand, CNN Tower required enhanced security for the existing annealed glass throughout the building.

Working around production schedules, WFD installers worked 24-7 in order to deliver the finished project on time and under budget.

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