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BulletShield is offered in two forms. Level 1 which bonds our 3/4" ballistic shield to the outside of the existing glass using our DefenseLite SuperBond and an HD framing system. This will stop hand-gun rounds as well as forced-entry attempts.

BulletShield is a UL rated retrofit ballistic shield that is substantially less expensive than re-glazing with ballistic glass and framing. Bullet velocity degrades as it impacts and shatters the glass. It then continues its trajectory into the laminated multi-layer construction of BulletShield. The energy is absorbed and dispersed throughout the panel, which ultimately stops the bullet. BulletShield is intended for any institution or business seeking to protect against an active shooter.

  • Available in multiple ballistic protection options
  • Law enforcement can still see into the building from outside, both night and day
  • Works 24hrs a day - always on, always protecting
  • Compatible with fire egress codes
  • Available in clear or tinted
  • UV coated system built to last
  • 8 year warranty
  • Insulates the existing glass and reduces HVAC costs
  • Sealed panels prevent moisture and fogging
  • Interior sound levels are reduced
  • Abrasion resistant coating is standard (*graffiti coating available)

  • Our Level 2 system adds a second 3/4" ballistic shield to the inside of the existing glass using the same technique. This version provides 1.5 inches of ballistic protection, which in testing contains rounds typically delivered by high-powered rifles, and it keeps the evil-doers out.

    BulletShield is the world's least expensive of all tested ballistic security systems. At a rescent tactical show, after having been beaten with hammers, the system was shot at 46 times. The only rounds that passed though was from an AR 15. which our level 1 system was not intended to defeat. The Shooter mentioned that despite the penetration, he could not have entered the building. They even tried to blow it up (unsuccessfully) with Det Cord and eventually C4.

    Call 1-866-933-3456, scroll down or click here to request more information on BulletShield products.

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