Daylight Redirecting

Daylight Redirecting Window Film Installation

3M Daylight Redirecting Film is an effective form of sun control for many applications, including office buildings, schools, retail storefronts, government buildings, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Designed to redirect sunlight from windows upward toward the ceiling, daylight redirecting film sends natural light deeper into a building while maximizing comfort and ambiance its for occupants.

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Benefits of Daylight Redirecting Window Film

Bringing natural light into your building’s interior provides a host of benefits, such as a reduced need for energy-consuming artificial lighting and an uplifting indoor environment. But natural light can also come with damaging UV rays, hot spots, intense brightness, and annoying glare. Unlike blinds and other conventional solutions, with 3M Daylight Redirecting Film, you still get the same benefits from natural light but without any glare, hot spots, UV exposure, or distracting brightness.

Engineered with micro-structured prisms, daylight redirecting film optically redirects over 80% of sunlight up toward the ceiling, diffusing rays for even distribution and allowing natural light to deeply penetrate as far as 40 feet (12 meters) into a building. Abundant natural light creates a better indoor environment for any building. In fact, buildings with abundant natural light have been shown to increase productivity, boost sales in retail environments, decrease absenteeism rates and improve test scores in schools, and improve patient recovery times in healthcare facilities.

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