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Wholesale and DIY Window Film Solutions

Wholesale Window Film

At Window Film Depot, while we specialize in residential and commercial window film installation, we also provide DIY window film for wholesale buyers. Through our private label window film for wholesale buyers, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality DIY window films in a wide array of options, including decorative, safety and security, protective, and sun control films. Our full line of wholesale films are available for shipment domestically and internationally via FedEx. With so many different window films to choose from, we can help you source the ideal type of film for your DIY project.

Decorative DIY Window Film Products and Installation Resources

DIY window film is a practical and affordable solution for small-scale projects, especially for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices spaces that are exposed to the sun. Whether for added energy savings, privacy, or both, opting for DIY wholesale window film is a great option that offers a wealth of benefits from just one investment.

In addition to wholesale window tint and film products, we also offer online installation training videos and installation tools for our customers. Because the installation of your window film is an important process that requires the proper tools and techniques for an optimal finished product, we want to ensure you embrace your DIY project confidently and well-equipped.

At Window Film Depot, we’re more than just a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer. We are the #1 3M Window Film installer in the U.S. and we have performed more national installations than any other company – ever. In turn, we understand the unique needs of each DIY project, and we back our wholesale customers with the support they need to realize a successful outcome.

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