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Interested in security window film?

Window Film Depot is certified to install 3M Safety & Security glass protection systems nationwide.
Security Window Film protects glass upon impact 24/7 from criminals & storm debris.
Deter theft and protect your business from lost assets and inventory.
GSA approved 3M film meets explosive blast standards for glazing.

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Authorized 3M Window Film Installing Dealer
50% 2-3 year ROI
70% Unmatched ‘rip-stop’ performance
36% Robberies cost retailers & business owners thousands

Security film installations secure glass in place protecting against ballistic threats.

3M window films selectively filter out damaging UV & IR radiation, protecting from excessive heat gain & sun damage.

We specialize in high risk storefront, commercial & government facilities. View demo

Retailers love window film because it protects floor merchandize from fading.

Create a comfortable environment while lowering operating costs. Add Scotchshield to create an invisible barrier of protection.

Watch 3M Ultra 600 adhesive demo See why it saves business owners thousands.

Window Film Depot Our CEO is a recognized industry leader who ensures that promises made are delivered upon. View 3M Film Specs

3M fragment retention security films secure glass in place during blast, seismic, shatter or 'smash and grab' events.

Window film helps hold the glass in place so criminals don’t have the quick access they need to successfully smash and grab merchandise.

GSA explosive blast standards for glazing/ Factory Mutual approval standard 4350 Windstorm Resistance Glazing.

3M Ultra Safety & Security films are patented multi-layer films tested to meet the most demanding government specifications.

We also offer special films that go on the outside of your windows that protect the glass from graffiti.

3M films have been subjected to windstorms, bomb blasts, all kinds of flying objects and a rigorous series of durability tests.

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