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Energy Savings & Window Film Rebates

What's the Window Film Depot difference? We go beyond expectations by researching and applying rebates and incentives that may be available from utilities and government initiatives that lower capital costs for installations and quicken payback realized from energy savings.

Below is an impressive report detailing a recent DOE study along with case studies supporting energy film retro-fits for commercial buildings.

In 2011, the US DOE completed a study on the top 50 commercially available energy conservation technologies. The technologies were ranked on three categories:
- Payback
- Probability of success
- Overall energy savings

The technologies were then sorted into two categories:
- First tier technologies - for deployment
- Second tier technologies - technologies with less benefit and may be considered for specific targeted applications

Results for window films:
- Ranked as top tier technology
- Fastest payback ranking available - approximately 3 years
- Highest probability of success

Probability of success is based on customer acceptance, ease of retrofit, knowledge base of the technology, and supply chain strength. Only four technologies received both a fastest payback rating and highest probability of success.
- Window films
- PC power management
- Condensing water heaters
- Air side economizers and filters for data centers

Replacement windows were also studied, yet they received much slower payback ratings and lower probability of success due to the significant initial investment costs and disruption to tenants required for a new window replacement.

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We provide building modeling services to determine energy savings & ROI working closely with facility managers to select the most effective energy management & security film solutions available.

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